Brand Defense

Protect your brand. Remove counterfeits using our efficient Enforcement / Takedown service.

Protecting an organisation’s digital assets is vital for every organisation. The online presence across many social platforms becomes your identity – how you want to be seen by your customers, your community or the broader industry.

Our Platform

  • Automated takedown of incidents
  • 24×7 Rogue mobile app monitoring across 150+ platforms
  • Immediate action on reporting.
  • Extensive reporting and threat management platform
  • Cater to your compliance as well as cyber resilience needs
  • Dark Web and Deep Web Monitoring

Threats we cover.

DMARC + Brand Defense Services

DMARC Compliance enhances the Brand Defense service by removing the possibility of fraudsters impersonating your brand by simply using your email domain, such as, or

DMARC Compliance

DMARC will assist domain owners large and small to fight business email compromise, phishing and spoofing.

By implementing DMARC,  you can tell the world how to handle the unauthorized use of your email domains by instituting a policy in your DMARC record:

  • p=none –  (passthrough / reporting mode)
  • p=quarantine – email is sent to recipient’s spam folder, and
  • p=reject – recipient email server deletes the email and does not send to recipient.

Refer to DMARC Compliance