Bad BOTs Monitoring

Protect Web Applications from Bad Bots, API Abuse and Online Fraud

On average, 19% of traffic to a website is from bad BOTs.

Protect your key web infrastructure in 'real time' from such threats as:

Application Denial of Service

Bots programmatically abuse the business logic of your website causing slowdowns or downtime. This occurs at L7, so you won't notice it on your firewall or your load balancer. Block Advanced Persistent BOTs Complement existing web performance and security stack.

Prevent API Abuse

Hackers, and fraudsters reverse engineer apps that connect to API endpoints. Once inside the API, they use bots to scrape data, takeover accounts, commit fraud, and deny API service to other apps and users. ​OWASP has now added “Underprotected APIs” to the OWASP Top Ten.


Form spam, comment spam, fake registrations, and rogue reviews and product listings pollute your site and backend systems. Static CAPTCHAs are a problem because they create friction for legitimate users and hurt conversion rates. Worse yet, CAPTCHA farms and sophisticated bots can solve CAPTCHAs.

Web Application Security

Stop to entire classes of cybersecurity threats, including account takeovers, web scraping, online fraud, unauthorized vulnerability scans, and application denial of service.

Digital Ad Fraud

Sophisticated bots divert, steal, and defraud billions of dollars a year. Bots that behave like humans, severely impact ad serving resources, traffic is skewed and ad revenue is diverted to the bad guys’ sites. That means loss of ad revenue and damaged reputations.

Online Fraud and Account Hijacking

Using brute force attack or stolen login credentials, bots can gain access to your user accounts and make fraudulent purchases or harvest personal information. Eliminate new account fraud. Minimize payment fraud.

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Protection against cyber threats both visible and those hidden “outside the flags !”