CSAT Phishing Simulation

CSAT Cyber Security Awareness & Training

CSAT is much more than just phishing simulation. Simulate the full threat landscape that goes beyond just simple phishing emails with comprehensive online awareness training and testing features with built-in LMS functionality.

Scenario Templates

Huge library includes hundreds of phishing emails and educational landing page templates. Our consultants will support you to create your customizable templates that align with your organizational training objectives.

Customer Admin Dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting with real time dashboard to view key progress statistics.

200+ WBT training modules

Online app stores are filled with mobile applications for gaming, mobile banking, shopping, social media and other purposes. Mobile Apps are available from trusted App stores and from not so trusted marketplaces, and from general websites on the internet.

End User Training Portal

LMS functionality provides each employee access to a training portal that can additionally feature your own courses tailored specifically for your own organization.
(Enterprise subscription only)

Employee Groups

Target any employee, or group of employees, with a simulated spear phishing attack just by adding their email addresses. Organize and group such addresses however you like: by department, job title, or even at random. You're in complete control of whom you phish.

Implementation - Managed Service

Our consultants provide expert guidance and operate your campaign on your behalf. Experienced consultants assess your employees' behavior to identify the most effective training messages and reinforcement activities. We then gather data and measure the results of your phishing awareness activities and ensure these activities deliver the behavioral change you are seeking .

Turn Your Employees Into Human Firewalls

The CSAT Mail Plugin for Gmail, Outlook & Office365 actively integrates your employees into the detection of and fight against cyber attacks. Suspicious e-mails can be reported with just one click to the Ingressum Support Desk and removed from the Inbox. The e-mails are then analyzed and evaluated. If the suspect e-mail is a real attack, further action can be taken.

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Protection against cyber threats both visible and those hidden “outside the flags !”

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