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Progressive Security

Secure Workspace brings together a powerful combination of Microsoft’s technology stack witha strong focus on security from both the internal and external perspective. 

Embark on a secure digital journey with our “Secure Workspace Essentials” – a Lite offering designed to fortify your digital environment. As your needs evolve, explore our “Advanced Secure Workspace,” providing Enhanced security features for a more resilient infrastructure. Elevate your digital defences to the highest level with our “Enterprise-grade Secure Workspace,” offering Elite security measures tailored to meet the most stringent requirements and ensure comprehensive protection for your valuable assets.

Ingressum’s Progressive Security offers a layered approach, empowering businesses to select the optimal level of advanced security, compliance, and privacy features that align with their specific needs. As business requirements evolve, the flexibility of this approach enables seamless progression to higher tiers when appropriate.


Secure Workspace Lite offers a comprehensive yet streamlined solution for businesses prioritizing essential security and productivity needs. This suite empowers businesses with fundamental tools to foster productivity while ensuring a secure digital workspace.

  • Office Apps, Teams and Sharepoint for collaboration,
  • 1TB of OneDrive storage
  • Entra ID ensures identity security and Information Protection safeguards sensitive data.
  • Defender Threat and AV protection provides robust endpoint protection against evolving threats.
  • Effective device management ensures all device drivers, OS and applications are patched and updated.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of identity verification.


Secure Workspace Enhanced includes all of the features of the Lite version with the inclusion of the Windows Operating System, along with applications like OneNote, Publisher, Access and Visio. Advanced security features such as Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Defender Plan 2, Identity Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics, Conditional Access Policies, Insider Risk Management, Sentinel for Advanced Threat Intelligence and SIEM, and Purview for Data Governance and Compliance collectively provide elevated security for the workspace against sophisticated threats and ensure compliance with data governance standards. This comprehensive package empowers businesses with sophisticated tools for both productivity and security.


Secure Workspace Elite represents the pinnacle of comprehensive digital empowerment, encompassing all features from both Lite and Enhanced versions while introducing an array of advanced tools for unparalleled security and productivity. Unique to the Elite tier, Defender Plan 5 introduces advanced endpoint security features for threat protection and response. Additional privileges include Privileged Identity Management, Priva for Advanced Privacy Management, Cloud App Security for Advanced Cloud Security, Advanced Analytics with Power BI Pro, and Audio Conferencing in Teams. This comprehensive suite empowers businesses with best of breed tools, ensuring the highest possible levels of  security and productivity.

Secure Essentials
Advance Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Microsoft Productivity Suite
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access. Publisher, Teams (Web and PC)***
Teams Phone Standard*
Teams AudioconfenecingOptional planOptional planUnlimited dialin
Email, calendar, scheduling50GB100 GB mailbox + up to 1.5
TB archive
100 GB mailbox + up to 1.5
TB archive
Intranet and storage10GB per license + OneDrive user storage 1TB>1TB user storage>1TB user storage

Secure Essentials
Advance Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Threat Protection
Microsoft Defender AV – Safe Attachments, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, Safe Links, impersonation protection, Real-time detections**Advanced hunting in Microsoft Defender XDR
Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard***
Microsoft Defender Credential Guard*
Not inc in Windows Pro
Inc with Windows Enterprise
Inc with Windows Enterprise
Defender for Endpoint (EDR)Plan 1Plan 2
Attack simulation Training*
Safe Documents*
Defender for Identity*
Windows 11 (minimum req)ProEnterprise
Upgrade from Pro incl
Upgrade from Pro incl
BitLocker and BitLocker To Go***
Device Guard**

Secure Essentials
Advance Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Identity and Access ManagementEntra ID P1Entra ID P1Entra ID P2
Multifactor authentication (MFA)***
User Provisioning***
Cloud user self-service password change***
Cloud user self-service password reset***
Hybrid user self-service password change/reset with on-premises write-back***
Conditional Access***
Risk Based Conditional Access / Identity Protection*
Privileged Identity Management*
Entitlement Management*
Access Reviews*
Cloud Access Security Broker
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Discovery***
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps*

Secure Essentials
Advance Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Insider Risk
Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management*
Communication Compliance*
Privileged Access Management*
eDiscovery and Auditing
Content Search***
Litigation Hold***
Audit (Standard)***
eDiscovery (Standard)**
eDiscovery (Premium)*
Audit (Premium)*

Secure Essentials
Advance Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Information Protection
Manual, default, and mandatory sensitivity labeling in Office 365***
Basic Message Encryption***
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for emails and files***
Microsoft Purview DLP -email and files**
Automatic sensitivity labeling in Microsoft 365 apps and Teams*
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Teams chat*
Endpoint DLP*
Default sensitivity labels for SharePoint document libraries*
Sensitivity labels based on advanced classifiers*
Advanced Message Encryption*
Data Lifecylce management
Manual retention labels***
Basic org-wide or location-wide retention policies***
Teams message retention policies***
Rules-based automatic retention policies*
Machine Learning-based retention*

Secure Essentials
Advanced Workspace
Enterprise Grade
Unlimited Helpdesk Support (8am-6pm Mon-Fri)***
MS Licensing Management and Administration***
AD Administration***
Group Policy Admin / Configuration***
User Account Creation and Decommission***
Password Resets and Account Unlocks***
Email Setup and Configuration***
Email Security Management***
Software Installation and Updates***
Data Backup Operation and Monitoring***
Firewall Configuration and Management***
Server Maintenance and Updates***
Network Printer Configuration and Support***
Wireless Network Troubleshooting***
Mobile Device Management***
Endpoint Protection Configuration***
MFA Management***
Capacity Monitoring – Virtual Resources, Disk***
OS Security Updates & Patching***
Patching of Software***
VoIP Phone System Support***
SSL Certificate Installation and Renewal***
Network Documentation Maintenance***
Event Log Checks**
Windows OS Upgrades**
Periodic Network Security Assessment**
Advanced Threat Detection**
Security Information and Event Management**
Behavioural Analytics*
Compliance Monitoring*
Threat Intelligence Integration*

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