Leveraging Microsoft’s Modern Workplace

Leveraging Microsoft’s Modern Workplace

What is a Modern Workspace

The contemporary or modern business landscape undergoes constant flux, driven by factors like technological advancements and unforeseen events such as the recent pandemic. Modern workspaces embrace activity-based working, a concept that prioritizes open, flexible environments over traditional office layouts. These spaces feature designated areas for various tasks, accommodating diverse working styles and changing needs throughout the day. 

Employees have the freedom to choose where and how they work, whether it’s at a hot desk, sound-proofed booth, or pre-booked meeting space or even working from home or generally away from the office. This approach fosters productivity, engagement, and adaptability, aligning with the on-demand culture of modern workplaces. Crucially, success hinges on building an organizational culture that values employee needs and productivity as central concerns.

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Work from Home

Microsoft Modern Workplace

Deploying a Modern Workplace solution extends beyond merely providing remote work capabilities. It entails establishing a secure, adaptable, and empowering environment that enhances employee contentment and productivity, loyalty and improved retention rates, and, ultimately, the success of your organization.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is a suite of cloud solutions that use Microsoft 365 products to enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration. It allows employees to work from remote locations without compromising security and compliance. It includes Office applications, Enterprise Mobility and Security, Azure, Power Apps, and other relevant Microsoft tools.

Security Considerations

Alongside the need for employee empowerment, organizations must prioritize safeguarding sensitive data, infrastructure, and overall business security. This presents a complex challenge that has heightened the demand for modern workplace solutions. These solutions must seamlessly integrate productivity tools with robust security measures. Forward-thinking businesses recognize the value of the Microsoft Modern Workplace solution in addressing both the need for employee empowerment and comprehensive security measures, enabling them to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Ingressum's Secure Workspace

Ingressum’s Secure Workspace offers customers a hardened Microsoft environment, built with best practice security measures embedded to elevate both security and productivity.

It is designed on the fundamentals of a zero trust architecture (ZTA), mapped to Microsoft’s Security Architecture Framework and underlying Microsoft Modern Workplace technology stack and evaluated against the Australia Signals Directorate Essential Eight prioritized mitigation strategies.