Secure Workspace

Enhanced Productivity and Data Protection

Secure Workspace - seamlessly integrates best-in-class technologies, creating a bespoke and reliable environment tailored to elevate your organization's security and productivity.

Ingressum’s transformative Secure Workspace service responds to the urgent need for heightened cybersecurity and enhanced productivity in an era of evolving cyber threats and remote work adoption.

Secure Workspace seamlessly integrates Microsoft’s Office productivity suite with robust processes and advanced technologies to enhance cyber resilience, such as robust lockdown mechanisms, sophisticated re-imaging protocols and cutting-edge configuration management of company owned devices and BYOD. 

Designed on a Strong Security Foundation

Secure Workspace is not merely a security solution – it’s a comprehensive approach that safeguards sensitive data, propels collaboration, and boosts productivity, laying the foundation for cyber resilience and organizational success amid evolving technical changes and advanced cyber threats.

It is designed on the fundamentals of a zero trust architecture (ZTA), mapped to Microsoft’s Security Architecture Framework and underlying technology stack and evaluated against the Australia Signals Directorate Essential Eight prioritised mitigation strategies.

And with ALL the elements expected in IT services


Leverage the collaboration of the entire Office 365 productivity suite


Leverage our experience to build strategies for growth

Cloud as a Service

Consume services from cloud platforms securely

Helpdesk & Support

We are committed to enhancing the support experience by going beyond traditional helpdesk services, implementing a robust process that empowers our clients and enables our agents to operate with peak efficiency.

Backup & DRP

Don't leave anything to chance. Our experts will devise a customised business continuty plan for your business.

Security Policies and Compliance

IT Governance and Risk Management baked into service

Security Fundamentals

What is Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

NIST zero trust architecture (ZTA) is a set of cybersecurity principles that move defenses from static, network based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. It enables secure authorized access to enterprise resources that are distributed across on-premises and multiple cloud environments, while enabling a hybrid workforce and partners to access resources from anywhere, at any time, from any device in support of the organization’s mission. 

Microsoft SAF Principles

We embrace the Microsoft Security Architecture Framework (SAF), exemplified by Microsoft’s innovative product families. Microsoft SAF describes Microsoft’s cybersecurity capabilities and technologies and maps them to the Microsoft product family. 

SAF provides guidance for organizations through end-to-end security modernization across a ‘hybrid of everything’ multicloud and multi-platform technical estate.

ASD Essential Eight

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential Eight is a set of prioritized cyber mitigation strategies, to assist organizations protect themselves against various cyber threats.

The mitigation strategies that constitute the Essential Eight are:

  • patch applications
  • patch operating systems
  • multi-factor authentication
  • restrict administrative privileges
  • application control
  • restrict Microsoft Office macros
  • user application hardening
  • regular backups.

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