What personal prejudices are driving your behaviour and decision making ?

This hilarious comedy skit about Doctor Who being reborn as a woman has caught people – that reads ‘men’, by surprise !

The key message here is to reflect upon our own hidden prejudices that influence our behaviour in personal relationships, business, politics and social environments.

For those not familiar with this hit British series running since 1965, Doctor Who is a Caucasian middle aged alien male that travels through space and time with a local Earthling sidekick – typically a female, in a spaceship that is a well … a British police telephone box called the ‘Tardis’ (Time And Relative Dimension In Space).  This simple explanation doesn’t really do it justice for the many seasons on air nor for the high 9+ rankings for episodes on IMDB.

So when you look at the comedy skit, just reflect upon your own personal experience and see if you can identify and break those negative influences and move forward as a person for your own success and also for the betterment of the human species as a whole and the other plant and animal species that we cohabitate on this little planet.


By Con Lokos